food rescue program

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Save the earth.
Eat great.

The food you’ve been providing me has made a huge difference. Now with the money I’ve saved I’m able to get some of the nicer things in life. I’ve also got your recipes magnetized to my fridge.
— participant, age 22.

A lot of food is wasted in Metro Vancouver and over 50% of this waste is avoidable.

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We’ve begun a beautiful partnership with Nature’s Fare Markets and every week they give us a few boxes of rescued food- food that is still edible, but because of some small imperfection -  a bruised peach / wrinkly peppers – was destined for the landfill. Instead now those bruised peaches and wrinkly peppers come to us, and we’re able to provide healthy, organic snacks to participants in the space, while reducing the amount of food that ends up going to waste.

Some of the extras even go home with some of the youth and they’re able to stretch their dollars further.

We also pick up weekly from Sources Food Bank where we receive bread, bagels and occasionally some sweets. 

stretch your culinary boundaries

We never know what we're going to get so we have to get really creative with our recipes.

Ever Google Image Searched, "purple root vegetable" and then figured out how to make a kholrabi latke?

Yeah, we just did that for the first time too.

If you're interested in cooking wild + outrageous food and sharing with a group of pals come by. Sometimes we can also provide 

food safe training

for free.

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