Enchanted Times @ QP2018

Flower garlands, fairy lights, pink and green balloons...welcome to the Enchanted Forest! Queer Prom was a great success this year. We had a blast with about 83 attendees from all over Metro Vancouver supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+ identities.

We had lots of food, activities, and of course the dance floor with DJ Cuzo keeping it bumping. This year’s activities included button-making, colouring, limbo, the lovely Polaroid photo booth, and a Kahoot game with prizes! Our most popular activity was button-making, which was great because everyone could have something to take home at the end of the night. The Kahoot was a hit too, and included questions about the Youth Space and the QP18 team. The prizes for the limbo and Kahoot were gift cards for some of the our favourite local places, handpicked by the team.

What was our youth’s favourite part of QP this year?

ALL OF IT! But my favourite parts for sure were the DJ, food, and buttons.
— Snover G., 16

The Youth Collective wished to hold Queer Prom to give LGBTQ+ youth an opportunity to build new, positive relationships with supportive peers and allies in community. Prom is an exciting event for students to look forward to but poses many barriers for LGBTQ+ youth wishing to attend. Folks are often unable to take their queer partner as a date, or present themselves in a way that best reflects their gender identity for fear of stigma, bullying, or even outright violence from peers, family, and school staff. In addition, some LGBTQ+ youth are not attending school and may be even further isolated from positive connections in community as a result.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our donors and sponsors for this event as it would not have been possible without them. Thank you Ocean Park Pizza for making sure everyone got a slice of delicious pizza at our event; to Leaf Tea for donating exciting raffle prizes; and to Nature’s Fare and Sources Food Bank for the generous donation of all the fruits, veggies and baked goods we could hope for at our food table. Thank you to City of Surrey for providing staff support to ensure the event was safe, fun, and inclusive! We would also like to thank everyone for coming out and for their continuous support of the Youth Space. Be sure to look out for the next Queer Prom in 2019!

 - Alina B. & the QP Team

Below are some photos showing highlights of the event! :-)