Queer Prom 2018

Queer Prom

Hey friends! On June 8th we are hosting the second Queer Prom with the theme being Enchanted Forest. Like last time, we’ll have a cool local DJ Cuzo and remixing the tunes (also taking song requests!)  for the dance floor. The reason we came up for the idea of a Queer Prom as an event is because many schools have rules/regulations against guests and dates that don’t attend the school hosting the grad party. As well as there being stigmas around non-binary genders, basically anybody that doesn't follow conventional genders.

The guidelines for the Queer Prom are as follows:

Safe and Sober: This means no alcohol, drugs, weapons, or masks at all.

Inclusive: This is an anti-oppressive space – respect folks!

Confidentiality: We will make sure your information is kept confidential; you’re welcome to use any name you like when signing up at the door or online, as long as you are ok to tell it to us at the door.

Media Consent: We will not take any pictures or videos of you without consent! You can give us your consent at the door, or while signing up for a ticket if you're 19+. If you're 18 or younger, you'll need to ask your parents to fill out a form.

Security: If there are any concerns about the event at any time, please do not hesitate to let any of the staff know.

Check out the link below for tickets (By the way they're free it's basically an RSVP)


The Youth Space