Students guide to rock a job fair

Follow these tips to kick start your job fair!

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a first time employee, going to a job can be intimidating. But there is nothing to worry about! We've got all the most essential tips to make sure you slay the job fair. 


First off, don't go into a job fair headfirst. Do some homework (seriously). 

  • research your employers! 

    • Prioritize the companies that are going to be at the job fair, and research a bit about the history and the positions.
    • Feel free to ask employers questions and show your knowledge! Employers love it when a potential employee already knows their company inside and out.
    • Questions can include: what new products do you have? what does an entry-level job look like? what are the most valued skills in ___ position?
  • now research yourself

    • stay current with updated resume and cover letter (the staff at the Youth Space can help you with this!)
      • organize your skills, awards, education, past experiences, etc
    • There's going to be lots to see, and lots of interviews. Be prepared with an elevator pitch, a 30-60 sec introduction briefing to tell the employer who you are, what your past experiences are, and future goals are. Make sure to practice lots!
      • For example: I write blog entries for websites and brands of all different types. I enjoy using new technology to express information in new and fun ways. and I've created slogans with famous websites such as MK. 
    • arrive prepared with hard copies of resumes and business cards so when a potential employers says:"Great! we'll contact you! Can I have your contact please?" , you don't panic and ....

Dress formally

Now that you're already a step ahead of your competitors,  it's time to prepare to wow them (or stay normal) with your outfit. 

  • First impressions matter! 
  • the appropriate clothing options for each occupation varies, but we have included some classic examples:
    • black dress pants + sweater / button down
    • statement dress
    • suit set

Now stay formal

It's important to stay professional at all times during the job fair. It's okay to relax and have fun, but pay attention to your words and body language throughout the fair. Your actions after the interview could determine whether you get the job or not. Always be kind and courteous to people, because whether you get the job or not shouldn't affect how you treat the people around you. 

Relax and Smile 

Now the uptight and nerve racking part is over, walk around a bit and talk to different people! Have fun and socialize! Networking comes from everywhere. You never know who has connections to whom. Keeping a smile on your face will automatically boost your attractiveness and people will gravitate towards you.

Follow Up

  • Finally the fair is over!  But your job opportunity doesn't stop there. Even a quick email (send within 24 hours) to your employer can refresh their memory on who you are. Make sure to mention 
    • your enthusiasm for the job 
    • the employer who interviewed you
    • past experiences

now go out there and show them what you got.

Still feeling nervous?

Stay tuned for "Top interview questions asked by employers, (and how to answer them)"

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