Neema Samimi

Youth Space Coordinator

Having a safe place for the youth of the community is such an important aspect of community!

I’m excited to be a part of the Youth Space and to help create an environment where everyone is heard, safe, and included.

I’m passionate about food, so you’ll often find me in the kitchen. I have a passion for cars, enjoy learning about different cultures and encourage our differences to be a point of exploration.

Email: youthspace@alexhouse.net


Kiko Kung

Youth Space Intern

They/them pronouns. Resident nerd at the Youth Space. If you have questions about youth led initiatives, anti-oppression or are in need of cute stickers, let's chat! Look for the kid with the purple backpack.

I'm currently super into puzzle marathons + taro milk tea + world history + beekeeping + astrology (pisces sun, capricorn moon anyone?) Interests are subject to change in two weeks - I'm always stoked to learn new things!!

Email: youthcollective@alexhouse.net


Jordan Wiebe

aka DJ CuZo

Youth Worker // Resident DJ

Literally can't even when it comes to selecting his favourite music.

I've lived in this community since 1997. I currently reside in South Surrey with my loving Wife and 2 crazy cats. I am a youth worker and professional DJ who is passionate about music, creativity and mentoring youth.

For the past 15 years I have worked with youth in various capacities, from DJ'ing over 1000 youth events to coaching basketball in recreation and in High Schools, to teaching skim-boarding camps and instructing DJ workshops and lessons.

I am passionate about sharing my love for DJ'ing and event production as well as all things music related. I try to encourage youth to discover and follow their own passions, I'm grateful for the opportunity to inspire, collaborate and support the youth in our community.