Who can come?

Youth aged 13-24.

That's it. It's really for everyone. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you believe, and what you're passionate about you can come hang out here. We just ask that you treat everyone with respect.

What's it cost?

Everything at the Youth Space


When are you open?

Tuesday 3-7pm

Wednesday 3-7pm

Friday 3-7pm

Where are you located?

1845 154 Street, Surrey

We're in Bakerview Park, serving the youth of South Surrey / White Rock.

Is the Space accessible?

For folks with mobility aids, there is a ramp to enter and push buttons for the doors. In warmer months we leave the doors propped open. There are no stairs within the space. The size of our space, doorways and pathways are coming soon.

We have gender neutral bathrooms labelled by equipment (urinal, no urinal) and youth are welcome to use bathrooms based on what they need. They are shared space, not single stalls.

The Youth Space is scent reduced, and nut allergy aware. We cannot guarantee the building will be free of scented products or nut products, but we encourage folks to be mindful of what they bring into the space.

We are accessible by transit! The following route numbers will take you to us: 321, 351, 345, 375, 394, and 531. There are paved pathways through Bakerview Park to the Youth Space but they are rather unkempt, so please take care heading our way.

Partial template is used with thanks from RAMP.

What does it mean to be youth led?

It means that if you're a youth you get to say what goes on here, but you're not alone. Adults are on hand to make sure you're safe and that you have the support that you need. If you have an idea for a club or a program or event we'll talk you through what you need + work with you to make sure you can make it a reality - but really it's up to you. Youth led means whatever you, the youth, decide it means.

Can I get support here?

Staff here work with you if you need any support with anything. We help with job searches, resume writing, housing searches, or any other things that you might need a hand with. 

If you just need someone to listen we're here for that too. 

For sure. Come by any time we're open. 

Check our social media for special events that may have a capacity cap.

Can I just show up?

Is there supervision?

Yes! We have experienced youth workers here whenever we're open.

Is it confidential?

We do our best to make sure everything is confidential. We will never post a photo of you or use your name without your consent. All our LGBTQ+ events are open to allies and they're super fun so everyone comes and chills out. 

We do our best to message about the values of the Space and sharing photos, but everything is open to all youth.

Adults who are not staff are only permitted to enter the space when invited by youth and we do our best to check in to make sure it's ok with the people inside.


If dropping off a youth, please check in with staff before entering the space. when picking up someone, kindly knock and wait outside.

If invited by a youth a supportive adult (over age 24, like a parent, guardian, coach or teacher) can come by for a quick tour and stay for around 15 minutes. Beyond that, we host adult-youth nights every 3 months that you can attend.

If you're interested in volunteering, contact us at youthspace@alexhouse.net, we might have some opportunities for you. We do require a Criminal Record check (free to you) and interview from any volunteer.

If you're a professional or service provider please contact us and we can chat about different opportunities for you to get involved. Any activities, programs or workshops will need to be approved by the Youth Collective, but we're happy to present it. We'd love to hear from you!

Can adults come by?

contact us



1845 154 Street, Surrey, BC V4A 5J8