Doodle Den


first tuesday of the month

4:30 - 5:30 pm

Monthly arts collective for hanging with pals and drawing fun and cool things.

All styles welcome. 


Colouring Book Anthology

We're running a Colouring Book Anthology Project, a fundraiser for the Youth Space!

People can submit any lineart to be part of the colouring book - doodles, word art, drawings... we'll accept anything as long as it meets the Youth Space's guidelines as safe, sober, and inclusive, as well as: no nudity, no oppressive content or slurs. For a general theme; if someone doesn't have an idea of what to draw, opt for 'nature' or 'plants!'

Art needs to be submitted at a size of 8.5 x 5.5" - it will be resized to that size if larger. If it's smaller, it'll be blurry. They can email submissions to, or leave them in my mailbox at the Space & we can help scan it!

Unfortunately, since it is a fundraiser project, we cannot pay artists for their contributions - but they will be recognized within the book's credits page, and through Youth Space social media: Facebook and Instagram!