Family Dinners

At the Youth Space, we're basically family.

On the last Wednesday of the month come join us when we sit down to share a meal together. Screens off, everyone pitches in, and we get to explore different cultures through our plates and with special guests.


Cultural Celebrations

Natures Fare Markets help us to celebrate and honour the cultures and people who make up our Space. One way we do that is through food. 

Each month we feature a different culture's food. Together we prep the food (come by and help out) and before we eat we hear a little bit about the culture we're focusing on.

Check out our Cultural Dinner newsletter below










Youth + Adult Volunteers

If you're into cooking and sharing your culture we'd love to hear from you! Email us at and we can talk about menu planning!

Our Holiday Dinner

The Youth Space hosted our first-ever holiday family dinner on Friday December 15th, planned and pulled off by the hard work of our wonderful Youth Collective and with generous support from FBCYICN. Through this holiday dinner, the Youth Space brought together youth and adults to connect and sit down to have a warm, inclusive family dinner for the winter season, even if they do not have blood relatives.

The event was very successful, as many members of the community, both regular and non-regular visitors to the Youth Space, showed up at the first ever Youth Space Family Dinner to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season!

Youth in our Space all pitched in to decorate the room with twinkling fairy lights, garlands, and set the table with candles and goodie bags for all to take home. Everyone had fun enjoying the wonderful Italian-inspired dishes lovingly prepared by Youth Space staff and youth volunteers, such as lasagna, garlic bread and Caesar salad.

We finished with decorating sugar cookies and a small raffle for gift cards, and everyone left with smiles.